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Dalli Sensitiv Liquid Detergent

Caring & gentle detergent for the whole family
No need to separate baby or kids' clothes from your own or use different detergents. A unique formula made with the sensitive skin of little ones in mind and suitable for adult clothes and household bedding.

Leaves no residue on your clothes - When you or the family members hold the baby, her skin will come in contact with your clothes. So using the same detergent for the whole family is convenient and recommended.
Baby-safe yet powerful against dirt
Due to the high-performance cleaning formula detergent, Dalli Sensitiv does an incredible job of washing adult clothes and home linen, comparable to any popular liquid detergent.

Simply Pure - It reliably removes dirt and stains from laundry without irritants, harsh chemicals, artificial perfumes, dyes or sensitizing ingredients. Combines excellent washing power with a reduced risk of allergies

Cleanliness & Stain removal - This Dalli product is gentle on sensitive skin without sacrificing cleaning power. The powerful formula removes stains, rinses clean and leaves no smells or residue. Effective cleaning even in hard water.
Performs at 20 °C
Saves energy and protects the environment - To naturally sanitize baby fabrics, it is better to use hot water instead of a harsh disinfectant chemical. Please refer to cloth washing care instruction labels & washing machine manual when in doubt.

Suitability - For both white and coloured clothes like cotton and similar fabrics. Not recommended for wool and silk. Whitening and anti-greying & colour protection helps to keep clothes bright.

Usage - Front & top load machines 45 ml per standard cycle. Increase up to 90 mL based on water hardness & laundry's soiling level. Manual washing by hand 30ml in 10L is sufficient.

Dalli Med Liquid Detergent

The hypoallergenic laundry detergent
Dalli Med anti-allergy laundry detergent combines excellent washing power with reduced allergies. This non-allergic detergent offers a natural capacity to thoroughly clean dirt, stains, and odour while omitting a variety of potential irritants and common allergens.

Dermatologists and allergists recommend Dali Med washing liquid detergent to people with detergent allergy or sensitivity symptoms - irritated skin, itching, hives, burning, peeling, excessive dryness, swelling and redness.

Allergies, harsh chemicals, and artificial fragrances in a laundry detergent, fabric conditioner or fabric softener can trigger asthma. Dalli Med is an unscented, hypoallergenic clothes detergent suitable for those with asthma. For severe allergies or skin conditions, please consult a doctor.
Mild for skin but powerful on dirt
Hypoallergenic, in this case, doesn't mean that you have to compromise on the cleaning quality or dose higher quantities. Dalli med is a powerful liquid detergent made with love and care to clean clothes while gentle on sensitive skin.

Dalli Med, developed in conjunction with the German Allergy and Asthma Association, is free of dyes, perfumes and preservative additives is an eco friendly product and more natural than the popular detergents.
Performs even at 20 °C
Save energy and protect the environment. Dalli Med offers gentle but effective laundry cleaning within a wide range of temperature settings in a washing machine. 

Dalli Med can easily wash clothes of any colour or whites without damaging the fabric or the colours. This laundry liquid detergent whitens whites and brightens the colours.

Best for cotton and similar fabrics. It is not recommended for wool and sensitive materials like silk. Please refer to cloth washing care instruction labels & washing machine manual when in doubt.

Works as a perfect washing machine liquid in both top load & front load machine at a low dosage of 45mL per load. Also, suitable manual washing by hand at a dosage of 30ml in 10L.
For the Love of your Health Dalli Med
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