Dalli Dishwasher Tablets

Dishwasher Tablets

Dalli Brillanz 2.0 Dishwasher All in 1 Tablets

Deep cleaning at a low temperature without salt or rinse aid

Dishwasher tablets, Dalli brillanz 2.0 offers a dishwasher detergent combo for deep cleaning of 50 hours of stuck-on food residues. Tabs dissolve rapidly & entirely in cold water, far faster compared to any dishwasher detergent tablet

  1. Dishwasher detergent powder (inbuilt)- decimates grease, grime & stains and not just scrub or etch the dishes, unlike conventional detergent tablets
  2. Dishwasher salt (inbuilt)- machine & dishes protection in 400+ ppm hard water for spotless & uncontaminated dishes
  3. Dishwasher rinse aid liquid (inbuilt) - ultimate glass protection prevents streaking & spotless sparkle effect rinses, dries & shines without watermarks
Eco-friendly yet effective

Dishwasher tablets all in one with safe ingredients - plant-based, natural mineral-based & biodegradable. German multilayer technology - Hygiene (neutralizes odour & microbes), Metal protection (sparkles machine & dishes) & low temp cleaning (breaks food crust & shines kitchenware)

Usage & savings

Compatible with all standard dishwashers. Made in Germany - with care & love!

  1. Load dishes up to max dishwasher capacity. No need to pre-rinse dishes (save 75l water & extra effort)
  2. Place tablet in machine dispensing chamber. No need to unwrap the tablet. No need to put salt or dishwasher shiner liquid (save money)
  3. Start the machine in eco mode or at the lowest temperature (saves energy)
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