Dalli Active Detergent Whiten Whites

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Dalli Activ Heavy Duty Powder Detergent

Washing powder with special stain remover
A heavy-duty or universal detergent powder is far more potent than liquid detergent, detergent pods or general powder detergent.

Dalli washing powder made with love and care has a unique stain remover feature for radiant cleanliness of whites & light-coloured clothes. Best suitable for heavily soiled and white laundry.
Performs even at 20 °C

Save energy and protect the environment. Dalli Active laundry washing powder offers gentle but effective clothes cleaning within a wide range of temperature settings in a washing machine. It performs even at 20 °C & leaves the fabric with a light, pleasant fresh scent.

Safe & easy to use
Dalli Activ performs both as a top load detergent powder or front load washing powder and gives you the comfort of using any temperature setting of the laundry washer.

Best for cotton and similar fabrics. It is not recommended for wool and sensitive fabrics like silk. Please refer cloth washing care instruction labels & washing machine manual when in doubt.

Compatible with Dalli Anti-Greying Sheets for long-lasting whiteness of your whites.
Dalli For the Love of Life
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